Outsourcing PPC Management

Dec. 11, 2010 by

Pay-Per-Click advertising is not as easy at it used to be. Yet it’s become a vital component of an overall marketing strategy. Over 40% of Fortune 500 companies are increasing

So you’re going to advertise on the internet?

Apr. 6, 2010 by

Your taking the leap, your going to allocate a portion of your marketing spend to advertising on the internet. Pay per click the most obvious choice is also probably involved

Next step marketing your business online!

Nov. 26, 2008 by

But are you ready? Every week I get requests from companies who want to launch PPC campaigns or work to make their site more search engine friendly and really they

Working in London

Sep. 20, 2008 by

Out of Nova Scotia for two weeks I have just finished my first week here in the city of London! The time has been great here and the client and

Internet Advertising and Click Fraud

Jul. 9, 2008 by

Lately I’ve been getting more requests from clients to talk with them on the ever important issue of click fraud and the negative effects it has on businesses. In most