Working in London

Out of Nova Scotia for two weeks I have just finished my first week here in the city of London! The time has been great here and the client and their staff have been wonderful. If you are at all curious I am working in London with a leading web based business development portal helping them sort out their internet marketing and ppc strategy. Fun work, sort of… A lot of reading and analyzing data to sort out existing issues, developing a plan of action to improve and kicking off the process.

So today was the first chance I’ve had to do any sightseeing, shopping and photography. I wandered all over covering approximatly 7 miles today and intend on doing the same again tomorrow (not exactly the same, I intend on heading East tomorrow).

To give you an idea of what I saw today here is a map with my route marked:

Roughly 7 miles and damn my legs are sore. Anyways here in London for one more week helping a company sort out their Search Engine Marketing issues. Lots of fun and lots of work.

Tomorrow I will make my way to the Brick Lane area of London, also where I am working right now and explore the area further. Although London is insanely busy, it is a nice large city. Essentially it doesn’t look like an eye sore, Great Modern and Historic architecture throughout the city. Photos are coming soon, I’ll publish them on Flickr.

And completely off topic after reading the comments submitted on my blog, I would like to take this time and congratulate Limitbreaker (one of my mindless stalkers) for being such a twat. If you would like your comments posted moron keep them somewhat free of foul language and possibly useful you dribbling idiot.

See, I haven’t used any foul language… Mind you I am not being polite.

Back to enjoying all that London has to offer! Sushi for supper at Samurai!


  1. Jason… Hard to tell cause the filter is set to block certain swear words and I just happened to notice one. His use of the F word caused his comment to be listed as spam.

    Joel … Jealous, while London is nice it is also insanely busy and can become somewhat annoying. I still like it though.

  2. So… when you said “…after reading the comments submitted on my blog…” you really meant “comment” singular, since you can’t say for sure if he/she made more than just that one you happened to notice.

  3. Jason… Comments was merely referring to what one wants to publish. I have noticed in the past foul comments from others that have landed in the spam box (not from LB).

    The spam is dumped once a week so it is difficult to know if more were deleted.

  4. Ah, I see your logic – even though you never saw more comments from him/her, you have to assume there were some you didn’t see that had foul language and were filtered.

    I use pretty much the same logic with ghosts and goblins – even though I’ve never seen any, I have to assume they are out there and the information is just getting suppressed.

    Typically you respond quite quickly to comments – I guess that spam filter bypasses your email notification too. Handy.

  5. Not really logic. I can change it to read “comment”, I just happened to use “comments” as a general descriptor.

    As for replying to comments…. Really depends, Sometimes I log onto the blog once or twice a month and sometimes more often.

    If it goes spam I don’t get a notification and typically don’t care for the garbage that goes in the spam box. I occasionally take a look but not that often.

  6. So who are the other “mindless stalkers” that get spam filtered?

    On your twitter sidebar you indicate you have multiple such stalkers – do they also make blog comments that you assume are spam filtered?

  7. Not all post here, Some choose to email me and none use their real names. Seems to be something they like to hide.

  8. @jason – i posted one comment a week or more ago with one swear word, which i guess means i’m spamming his blog all the time. using adult language on an adult’s blog hurt his feelings, thats why he had to censor it. there are no other posters or emailers, he’s just trying to make his blog seem popular. if there were, he’d troll for them by name too

    what do you care anyways

  9. Limitbreaker, Just to let you know your not the only one that visits my blog and posts. You just happen to be one of the few that happens to post dribble. Don’t flatter yourself.

    I will say you are entertaining, I’ll give you that much.

    Lastly, while yes this is a blog that is mainly read by adults there is no harm in getting rid of foul language.

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