I am a globe travelling, golf playing, whisky collecting executive working with clients in real estate, finance, security, FMCG, government and a few more. My focus is on operational and technical business consulting (which can cover a wide area).

My experience is international from Halifax Nova Scotia to London, UK. The coles notes version is, I have managed multinational and multilingual operational and technical teams. If you are looking for more on my experience, it can be found on my Linkedin profile or ask me.

My past and present clients include the Canadian & UK Government Departments, RBC, RBS, Henkel, UN, FK3, Polycorp, Kim2 (Design Agency), MedicAnimal & a few others including law enforcement.

Apart from the work I do with some great clients, I also work with and advise Leadsift, as well as I mentor with the Futurpreneur program and sit on a couple of boards.

Looking to discuss a project, business, advisory, contract or career opportunity in the EU or Canada? You can contact me.