This is a starting point to give you an idea what I do. I have been the CMO of a multi-national e-commerce company, I have led the finance and operations for a couple of startups and I have led the technical and marketing division for a multinational hotel group, just to give you an idea. You can find more on my experience on Linkedin or by asking.

I help find solutions for problems. If you want to learn more, lets talk.

Operational Consulting and Advisory

What could be done better, faster or even cheaper? Automated, outsourced and improved. What can your company be doing better?

I have worked with companies in the areas of

  • Day to Day Operations (ie; planning, budgeting, forecasting, and expense management).
  • Software Procurement and Technical Solutions (what software for what problem, custom applications or off the shelf).

Intelligence, Security and Research-based services (via Confidion Consulting)

  • Due diligence, risk & threat management, situational awareness, policy development, technology consulting and monitoring & evaluation.

Digital Marketing

  • Promotion, services in the areas of in search, social and content.
  • Refine, using data-driven insights, you tweak and tune-up your digital offering. Analytics and testing. Create, refine and repeat to gain and grow.

Please note!

I don’t do everything but I have developed a network of experts in their fields that I work with to help deliver solutions for my clients’ problems, challenges and tasks.

Rapid and sustainable solutions to help your business grow.