What I do

Operational and Technical Consulting and Advisory:
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What could be done better, faster or even cheaper? Automated, outsourced or improved. Within operational consulting, I offer the services supporting daily business operations both long and short term.

  • Operational Consulting
  • Technical and Digital Solutions
  • Project Management

Latest clients and projects:

I work with clients of all shapes and sizes from Canada and the UK to Africa and South America. Some of my more recent clients include leading Nova Scotia based real estate developer Polycorp, outdoor adventure service provider Long Lake Adventure Company, Halifax based digital agency Kim2, London UK based ad agency FK3, some not for profits, charitable groups and then both UK and Canadian government clients and a few more. 

Solutions vary from application development and project maanagement to more security based solutions and procurement. 

Recent Projects

launched a website management service.
Provide digital and technical consulting.
website design and hosting


I don’t do everything, I work with some great partners from around the globe in delivering the solutions clients need. Have questions, let’s discuss your business needs today.