Operational Consulting and Advisory

What could be done better, faster or even cheaper? Automated, outsourced or improved. Within operational consulting, I offer the services supporting daily business operations both long and short term.

  • Day to Day Operations
    • planning, budgeting, forecasting, and expense management.
    • business strategy and service outsourcing.
  • Technical Solutions & Software Procurement
    • determine business requirements and develop system requirements.
    • technical strategy, outsourcing, development, planning and execution.

Intelligence, Security and Research-based services (via Confidion Consulting)

  • Due diligence, risk & threat management, situational awareness, policy development and monitoring & evaluation.

Digital Marketing

  • Promotion, services in the areas of in search, social and content.
    • search marketing, social marketing, display advertising and ad management.
  • Analytics & Analysis
    • refine using data-driven insights, tweak and tune-up your digital offering. analytics and testing.
    • create, refine and repeat to gain and grow.

Please note …

I don’t do everything but I have developed a network of experts in their fields that I work with to help deliver solutions for my clients’ problems, challenges and projects.

I offer rapid and sustainable solutions to help your business grow.