Next step marketing your business online!

But are you ready?

Every week I get requests from companies who want to launch PPC campaigns or work to make their site more search engine friendly and really they are not ready. Companies sell PPC and SEO services all the time to companies that just are not ready to be investing in getting more traffic to their website.

What do you need to do?

  • Branding – You really need a presence online that will give consumers confidence. Doing your branding in Microsoft Word is not the way to go. There are so many options on the internet branding should not be a failed component of any business. Look at, for $400 you can get a professional brand for your business. Remember the first impression someone is going to get is from your look, keep it sharp and professional. Your brand should represent the business you are in.
  • Content – Don’t over do it people are probably not in the mood to read a novel before they select your service or make a purchase. Make your content effective and don’t cause the user to become bored and leave. Inspire the potential customer to buy or call you.
  • Positioning – If you’re selling a product, promoting a service, that is what a potential customer should see first. You don’t have long to make a good impression so overwhelming the potential customer with information at first could cost you the sale.
  • Process – Keep the clicks to a minimum. If you need that potential customer to call, then make the contact info readily available. Burying that info in the site and making them click 10 times to get to it probably will cost you. Selling a product online? Again keep the clicks to a minimum. There is nothing more annoying than trying to buy something and it takes you 20 minutes to complete your purchase.
  • Security – I have noticed that businesses have been using shared SSL certificates and this probably won’t help you seal the deal in some cases. As we become more and more concerned with security and browsers attempt to thwart fraudulent activity, a change in domain could cost you a sale. Pay the $40 get your own SSL and keep the user on your site.
  • Last, If your selling, promoting or giving info on something … Don’t hide it. Hoping someone stumbles across your message is not the best strategy.

Anyways a quick blog entry on some issues I have been encountering lately. Make sure you have your web presence right especially before you invest in bringing people to your website, no one likes throwing away money.

Its not just as easy as tossing a website up and selling, some thought is required. If you have any questions let me know. If you have further recommendations post them.

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