Social Rambling, Improved Conversion Rates and Traffic

Blogging was looked at as a time-pass few years back, but nobody ever imagined that it would ever turn into a serious full time business. Today, thousands (or rather millions) of successful bloggers and cyber entrepreneurs are running online businesses and minting money without manufacturing or selling anything!

Over time, the concept of social networking evolved, and in the present day scenario, Social Media has become equivalent to an open lottery ticket to boost up the popularity of your online business, blog or website.

This is why people are crazy about tweeting continuously on Twitter, forming communities on Facebook, and running multiple blogs to promote their businesses.

Social Media versus Search Engine Traffic

Sure thing, search engine traffic may be enough to achieve very high conversion rate theoretically, but when you consider practically, the search engine traffic isn’t too focused and doesn’t necessarily result in good conversion rate. For instance, if a person searches for “Apple iPods” and lands on your site after clicking on your advertisement on Google, he/she may not be necessarily interested in buying Apple iPods. There are good chances that such a visitor may have been looking for history of Apple iPods, or features of iPods to compare them with Zune. And, after looking at the info of interest, such a visitor may hit the back button, go to Amazon and buy a Zune! What a waste of your ad click and loss of business, isn’t it?

But, on the other hand, let us consider the traffic from Social Media like a Facebook group dedicated to Apple iPods as well as iPhone. Any visitor from such a Facebook group may definitely give you some business (at least there are higher chances as opposed to search engine traffic), even if it is purchase of a small iPod accessory.

More importantly, such visitors become frequent visitors and give you repeat business, while the search engine traffic is highly unpredictable and disoriented. A person who clicked on Google, landed on your site, bought a black 4GB Apple iPod nano, may not necessarily remember your site. And, next time around when such visitors need to purchase an iPhone, they may not bother to search your site on Google again.

Why Tweet Everyday?

You must have noticed even the best in business tweet everyday – what’s the big idea you ask! Well, tweeting daily has not just become a habit but also the preferred way to give constant updates to the potential customers, and maintain good business relationship with the existing customer-base. Every time when Google comes out with an update, AdSense Blog, AdWords blog and their corresponding Twitter pages are filled up with info, as they’re the best way to convey the info to the public rather than sending out millions of emails daily.

The Bottom-Line

So, if you want high conversion rate and boost up the profitability of your online business, you better realize the importance of social media and try to create your brand on Social Media. Form faithful Facebook groups, Tweet daily, blog daily and get more business – it is now as simple as that!

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