Importance of SEO Friendly Web Design

Have you ever wondered what results in high conversions? Is it a successful marketing campaign, lot of search engine traffic, clicks on ads, or hundreds and thousands of back-links?

Well, in reality all the above-mentioned things can only drive a lot of traffic to your blog/websites, but it will never improve the conversion rate. The most important aspect behind higher conversions is an SEO-friendly web design. We’re not talking about the on-page SEO and working on Meta tags (you must have done it already, if you’re getting high traffic), but rather about the importance of using the right fonts, ad placement, and user-friendliness of the website.

Working with User Friendly Design

Imagine if your “register” option for the new users is located at bottom right corner of the page, who’d really bother to scroll down all the way and click on it? Likewise, if the visitors see only ads instead of the info they came searching for, they won’t bother scrolling down or browsing through your web pages.

Apart from good informative unique content, you need –

  • Appropriate graphics to go along with the text,
  • Nice SEO-friendly layout,
  • Thorough linking between pages,
  • Proper Website Structure
  • Media like photos and embedded videos to add attraction to the site

Optimizing Your Site Better

A well optimized SEO-friendly website design includes appropriate and attractive design elements, strategic linking, structure optimization, meta-tag optimization, specialized keyword choices, and most importantly alt tag optimization!

Remember, the alt tag shows up in the image results and this is where most of the people lose out on. Imagine if you run an auto blog and you’ve written the latest post on the 2010 BMW 520d, and someone searches for images of BMW 520d, your blog may not appear in the search results just because the alt tag was not optimized.

And, if something similar happens with 100s of other posts, just try to figure out how many visitors are you losing out on?

Optimizing for Common Typos

What’s more, it is also not a bad idea to optimize your site for some of the most common misspelled keywords, for instance, acomodate and acommodate along with the actual keyword accommodate. But, you must optimize your site carefully otherwise this may turn off the regular visitors (as they may feel that these are unintended typos from careless authors).

Homepage is not the Best Landing Page!

Lastly, you must ensure that you’ve a good landing page for your visitors. One of the biggest misconceptions is that homepage is the best landing page! This is 100% WRONG by all means! Remember, people click on your site/blog searching for something on Google and again asking them to search once again on your site to display the info of their interest doesn’t yield good results!

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  1. SEO tips and designs help in making your website more visible to everyone. Surely it helps gain more potential customers, at the same, your making sure that they won’t feel any doubts regarding legalities of your site.

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