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Well I got bored and decided to simplify my web presence. Nothing flashy or overwhelming just a simple web presence.

I also needed to re do the site since the launch of Intevix. This business is taking up more and more of my time as we continue to develop our products and consulting services. Actually a lot of what I did here is now being done via intevix and if we don’t offer a specific service or solution we have more than likely have am local partner to provide the professional services required by businesses.

Anyways thats all for now. I am working on my next great blog entry …. Gotta keep people on their feet!


  1. Hey Robert,

    Just stumbled upon your website – looks like you produce great content for SEO.

    Looking over the source though I have noticed some things you may want to add and adjust. (Just a little bored tonight reading around ;))

    – Your meta ‘author’ tag is an important tag to use to help get search results of your name/company to the top of the search engines.

    – Your first instance of your ‘h1’ tag is not really semantic it contains no common keywords and just a phone a phone number. I’d recommend capturing your header image in this element and placing content inside of it and altering the text off screen using CSS as well as using it to display the image. Example:

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing

    … and in your stylesheet:

    h1 {
    text-indent: -999999em; /* Maybe one day they’ll see this. */
    background-image: url(snell.gif);

    This is a very common and great technique for helping bring those keywords importance levels up.

    – You’ve also used multiple instances of your ‘h1’ tag, you should never use multiple instances of ‘h1’… This won’t trick the search engine.

    – I’d move all your CSS into an external stylesheet to try to bring the Content:Code ratio down a bit, it’s a little over whelming to see all the code right now.

    Anyway just thought I’d share a few tips – But Cool Site. Looks like you do some good work.


  2. Thanks for the feedback Fred… Was in a bit of a hurry to get the new site up and will be doing some house cleaning over the next week or so.

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