Another internet marketing firm …

While searching the web today I came across Podium Digital another SEM provider making a go at it here in Atlantic Canada. At first glance the company seems to have…. Well dropped the ball so to say! If you go to their site you are greeted with:

Now if you notice in the image all you get is a listing of all their files on the server. It is my under standing that Podium is part of the M5 group of companies. Now one would think that such an organization would test these things before putting them on the web… LIVE?

Just an observation and well I’m curious what kind of SEM pro do they have in each of their offices? Is this another “we will learn it as we do it” company?

Time will only tell. Hopefully they at least get their site functioning… Who wants to hire someone that can’t get their own web presence right?


Podium Digital fixed their website, thats right they decided that an index page was important. Also noticed that M5 had been visiting my blog, maybe they read this post?


  1. This is even better, try: and see how they manage their own 404 page. They’re hosted by HostGator, maybe the croc ate their index page away…

    At least they’re blatantly demonstrating what you shouldn’t do. Once they’ve fixed that they’ll (hopefully) know a thing or two…

    Anyways, great way to get the community talking about your brand – LOL!

  2. The site now works… I enjoyed the broken site, it helps my business.

    Did you say Hostgator? eeeek…. Could have found a better host. I try to avoid hosting companies that don’t operate their own data centers.

    Anyone know who they have doing their SEM here in Halifax?

  3. Hostgator has been good to me. Been hosting with them for three years. Excellent service and all I need to for shared hosting.

    I think you may have caught Podium with their pants down Robert. 🙂 So opportunistic. 😛

  4. I used Hostgator for a bit a quite some time ago for some projects and their servers died on me twice…. I also had a lot of outages.

    When I see opportunity I like to jump on it!

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