Time and not enough of it!

Ever since moving back to Canada and kicking off the new job, social media has almost taken a back seat to my insane work schedule. Never ending work, travel and more work. Need to find the happy medium and get back into the swing of things here on the blog and on the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

How do you manage your social media presence amongst a very busy schedule?

In October I intend on jumping back into both my blogs full tilt. Digital Marketing here and more random Thoughts over at Thunking.net. Really I’ll be blogging some travels as it looks like I’ll be venturing out west to tour a number of hotels from Calgary to High Level, stopping in between to take photos and write a little. If your at all interested in seeing these travels to come, visit www.thunking.net.

Back to writing at least once a week here and the same on Thunking.net

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