The next level of search and Cuil is not it!

Not sure if the post title is appropriate however this post will be looking at search and when I say search I mean the web based stuff.

Now for the last couple of days I’ve been hearing and reading about and its enormous index, however I think they totally missed the mark and blundered their own launch. While they are touting their ability to collect data, they somehow forgot about presenting the data in a relevant manner. Current searches on the site are terrible and in some cases irrelevant, The results layout is terrible and they basically have managed to trip running out of the gate.

So as a fellow entrepreneur and geek I would re-think the approach, cause clearly they shouldn’t have skipped a beta release and they should have actually tested the product before releasing it.

I give a big two thumbs down, for poor localization, speed, inability to sort and present the data they have collected and for way too much hype around a sub standard service. If your trying to get people to switch then presenting a half assed product wont do it for you.

I searched for myself and came up with nothing about me. However I did see my photo beside a Book search site, Never knew I was a published book author?

Anyways, Thats just my 2 cents and hopefully the product will improve. As for the title of this blog post, won’t be taking us to the next level of search with their current release.

Update: And Cuil is down. Maybe they will come back up with a better search? As a data repository they are doing well, As a search engine they are failing. The system needs work and hopefully they get it right.

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