Prosperous and Pissed! A week in Review

It is an interesting title and frankly I have had a great couple of weeks with some exceptions. I will get into it further as I go along here, the good the bad and the ugly.

So its been a crazy couple of weeks  … Took off to Toronto to meet with potential clients, existing clients, VC’s, visit family and get sworn in as a British Citizen (Photos below). All in all it was crazy busy time well spent on personal and business matters.

On another note we have decided to push the Tech Open date into the spring. This is due to the increased schedule that we could not accommodate at this time. We will be updating the site soon with the expanded schedule and the new participants soon. I would like to thank all those that have expressed support for the event and we look forward to seeing you in the spring or even at one of the events!

Further to questions and comments around Tech Open, I will answer those in the future and I will discuss peoples feedback, support for us, not so anonymous emails and the issue surrounding a government agency’s recent activities that more or less hindered private business attempt to help improve their faltering image.

Moving on to more entertaining events … I have my very own cyber stalkers! Kind of creepy and weird but every closet case needs a hobby. Knowing that I have a fan or two out there makes me happy, maybe they will even join my clique at some point that he or she created for me?

Anyways, It is nice out and there are better things to do on a nice day than sit here in front of my computer.

Have a great weekend all and back to the clique on Monday. Photos as promised below, Its me getting sworn in as a British Citizen.

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