PPC or SEO – A Comparison

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a fast way to promote your website for a particular time and for a targeted keyword whereas SEO is a process to optimize your website to generate targeted traffic through organic search results. Both are popular sources for increasing awareness and visibility but which one is more fruitful in terms of profitability and time consumption, has always been a topic of debate.

PPC has more admirers as it follows the rules of traditional advertising. The result is quick and can be tracked easily. In a recent study based on conversion rates i.e. converting leads or site traffic into sales, it’s established that SEO is ahead in conversion percentage because of the quality of content provided by SEO writers and its wide scope of availability on web. While in average order value and on-site time consumption PPC stands out as an all time winner. Along with that PPC is the first choice for a quick online presence and immediate feedback. Also, PPC is ideal when there is no ramp up time, no pipeline projects or when one wants to introduce some trial projects. It’s flexible because whenever your market season is off or you feel that your website is overloaded because of overwhelmed response, you can stop campaign or can start blocking the PPC users. The most important thing in PPC is that you have the power to control and manage. You can start your campaign at any time, block it and start again. Also, you can curtail your investments. If you have a new project or website coming up, PPC is the best way to evaluate the response of your targeted consumers. All you need is to identify the keywords which w’d bring in more clicks that means more sales.

SEO is considered new and more difficult than PPC. It takes time before you actually get to see the results but in the long run it’s not only better but also effective for your products and company. In another study, it’s claimed that high-qualified people trust SEO while making a purchasing decision. The same study also validates this point for consumers of expensive products. If your page features in top rankings then you’d ultimately generate more traffic and higher conversion rates.

PPC and SEO have their benefits and downfalls. For beginners, PPC could be a risk. It is quite easy to lose money and waste time if they are not aware of the how of PPC works. Follow -ups are must in PPC. PPC is mistaken for advertising campaign but its not that easy. Yes, you can raise the stakes and turn on campaign as your wish but it needs investment and proper monitoring. Where as SEO is considered as a best option for products/services, which are to stay long term in the market.

However, some of the technocrats prefer both. According to them both can be used together to boost business. If you want an instant exposure concentrate more on PPC but also invest in SEO. People will only click on your promotion ads when you are selling something that is of interest. If they want some information or knowledge about your products, SEO is the key which can push your ranking and reach. PPC should be followed by SEO because by the time you will know which keywords work and these can be used in your SEO efforts to enhance your sales.

PPC and SEO go together. While doing PPC, SEO considerations should be made. While PPC offers immediate results SEO has long term benefits.

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