Monitoring the Conversation


As most are aware I am developing a media monitoring solution and have become increasingly interested in people’s discussions online and our competitor’s products. Monitoring the conversation relates to what we are doing with our MediaSphere360 product and as we look into the market further I wonder are some companies not monitoring the conversation?


Some competitors deem the social media sphere to purely be blogs, forums and similar products. However we are taking the approach of the social web as a whole. The internet is the conversation and it can be occurring anywhere at any time, so why limit what you listen to? 


Look the Chronicle Herald for example, everyday a new conversation is born from someone’s satisfaction, outrage or purely as a concerned citizen. The conversations are good, bad and sometimes confusing. Are social media monitoring companies following all the conversations, the internet as a whole? Yes the internet as a whole. Look at the issues with Canadian Tire and the guy that Launched, just another conversation on the internet and one of millions.


As the internet evolves social media becomes all encompassing, anything where you participate could be considered social media. So gone are the days of segmenting things as just social media, we are now on the social internet where conversations take place, business occurs and everyday life becomes more reliant on this thing called the internet.


Millions of people reach out daily. They create and participate in the social web, whether its facebook, a newspapers comment section, posting an image on flicker, twittering, leaving service/prduct feedback or sending an email we all take part.


Take part, get involved and start a conversation. Whether it’s good, bad or confusing the conversation has to start somewhere. 



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