Crazy days

Well some of you may have noticed some down time recently and you may also notice that my blog is a little messed up (ie; a lot of content missing). About a week ago my hosting provider had a massive failure in their systems and this ended up knocking over a few of my sites. This is normal, servers fall over and we get things back up and running. However in this case it wasn’t normal, at all. The company that was responsible for the maintenance of the hardware, doing system back ups etc failed miserably. They had no back ups cause the ones they were supposed to have had were corrupt so they ditched the drive and told me better luck next time. Needless to say I changed service providers fast.

When originally sourcing the systems to run some of my various web sites, applications etc JaguarPC was one of my first choices as they came highly recommended. Their sales staff assured me that back ups were done daily and that the systems were designed to run efficiently and recover quickly should any fault occur.

I have servers in multiple locations in Canada, the US and the UK and I must say by far JaguarPC has provided the worst service I have ever experienced and I would not recommend them to anyone. They obviously have placed a zero value on customer data, service and retention. At the end of the day after they failed miserably they offered me two free months of service and I must say I was appalled by their offer.

After a long week almost everything is back up and running. Now it is time to catch up on all the things that got pushed to the side.

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