Airline adds new services fee

Several airlines today announced the introduction of the Pilotage Systems and Service charge. This charge is being introduced in efforts to cover the rising costs of flying a plane. In global markets the prices of pilots has been rising daily and the introduction of this charge is to help offset the volatile pilot market. Consumers will start seeing charges of $49.95 – $129.95 appear on their ticket starting early in 2010.

Well not really, but all the news over the last year would indicate a continuing trend of charging for everything. If you look at some American airlines they now charge for water, which is ridiculous. Air Canada recently stated that they would begin charging for the headsets they give you and in efforts to reduce weight and costs they will do away with Life vests on some flights.

Kind of crazy especially when you think that:

  • Most airlines hedge their fuel purchases, So technically a rise in fuel today shouldn’t mean an immediate increase in air travel costs.
  • Most airlines would purchase in bulk so really what is the cost of water, nuts or headsets on a flight? Pennies one would think…

After writing about the potential failure of Zoom and the numerous media reports on the outrageous charges set out by some airlines I thought I’d write a quick spoof. Be really weird if it comes true, Could you imagine paying a Pilot service fee?

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