A Self Destructive City …

So this is a quick post this morning primarily motivated by the half wits running the City of Halifax. Again in the news is the story of another failed development bid for a project in the downtown core, with city councilors unable to approve anything but a lunch order.

The Waterside Centre looked great and maintained some of the historical characteristics that are so important to the city while creating much needed space and revitalization. However some people on the city council seem to favor a wrecking ball. Instead of approving the project the city will now lose the heritage it deems so important with the wrecking ball bound to swing soon.

So to elaborate on the title a little further … Essentially this city is self destructive. Instead of acting and being progressive, buildings will now be lost completely. Building owners will wait until they can get approval for demolition of unsafe structures and then what can be done? Nothing, the heritage will be gone and the developer will be free to build with limited restrictions.

So congrats, maybe a celebratory golf clap for the the mindless half wits in city council. Your failed leadership is turning Halifax into a Self Destructive City.




Congrats to Rodney for having the ability to recognize and address an issue. This city needs revitalization and if its gotta be done this way then so be it. All of these whiney people that want the city to stay as is need to get out of their little world and see some other great cities. How about London, Dublin or Berlin? All great cities with a mixture of history and new developments. Time to wake up and get with the times.

In regards to peoples cries that the government shouldn’t be interferring with the city, give your head a shake. As said on Twitter “Province veto is part of the democratic process. Provinces create councils to manage cities, so they can overrule them too.” 


  1. And Kelly cared about it so much that he didn’t even show up to the council meeting. Pathetic. A CH headline following the municipal election read: “No More Mr. Nice Mayor”…. well, add it to the list I say… that already includes: “No More Mr. Effective Mayor”, “No More Mr. Intelligent Mayor”, etc.

    That said, the city is kinda getting what it deserves…. I think all but two incumbents got re-elected.

  2. you reap what your sow, there was a vote and the lemmings prevailed. Now what about Moncton,,,Housing is cheaper, I’m closer to central Canada and the US, Excellent Transportation hub….French girls, parlee beach, development friendly council…..hmmm

  3. lots of posts for or against on herald site. but if people want to do more than whine on the internet, they need to write letters to the paper and the news and the politicians


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