Yes its true, I don’t hate Nova Scotia!

Another year coming to an end and looking forward to 2009 it only gets better. Business is great in the social media and consulting world, the internet as always continues to work wonders for us and we continue to deliver great results. Some great announcements coming in the new year, our software coming out of beta and hopefully some more traveling.

Now as I write this blog entry I am getting some interesting feedback, questions etc regarding my companies involvement in the Nova Scotia Come to Life campaign and yes, Giles signed the charter yesterday. Now while I may openly express my opinions on this blog it doesn’t mean I hate Nova Scotia, it means I disagree with the direction that politicians and hired goons are leading the province. So if your curious, No I don’t hate Nova Scotia, I do however dislike the following:

  • Gas Regulation, I prefer a market driven price.
  • High business and income tax. We have one of the highest costs of living in Canada here.
  • Blacklists. Well come on, getting blacklisted because you have an opinion. Some people need to grow up.
  • Gov’t spending. Some of it anyways. Sometimes it seems like they put a list on a wall and select projects or ideas by playing pin the tail on the donkey. (This could be a blog entry all in its own.)

Anyways that is a small sample of dislikes and for the most part I would say quite a few people would agree.

Anyways back to working on a blog entry more related to the professional services offered via my business. This is the last random rambling for 2008, more to come in 2009.

Everyone have a safe and Happy Holiday. See you all in 2009!


  1. Revelations, good to know you are a blue noser at heart.

    Agreed tax reform is a must and gas regulation must be abolished immediately. As for the blacklists, prudent use of IRA tactics will smarten those ^&#!$%# up.

    happy festivus

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