When, Why, Where and How

Odd title for my blog entry but I really couldn’t think of anything else. This blog entry is mainly a review, an update and whats going on.


2007 has been a good year for me both personally and in business. My internet marketing and technology consulting business has been going great since my return from Scotland. I have had the opportunity to work with some great organizations and hope to continue in 2008. I’ve managed to work hard, win business and gain great results working for both Canadian and UK based clients. Some of my successes and clients have included:

Dalhousie University: They have seen a steady increase in traffic from our search engine marketing efforts. 2008 will see continued developments as I work to bring increased results.

Exit Realty: This is still a work in progres, they came on late 2007 and I am working hard to get the results they need to grow in the halifax real estate market.

Nova Communications: This has been a great success and 2008 should be great. Nova is preparing to launch their newly developed online 2 way radio business this year. Its all about the eCommerce and ROI!

And well I have worked with quite a few companies over the last year, obviously I can’t go into it all here (I’m writing a blog entry not a book).

Tech East

TechEast has been a success with more and more people visiting the site every day. Tech East has become the primary source for technology news in Atlantic Canada. Some people have asked “What is next for Tech East”, Well in the coming months we will relaunch the ATJ Job Portal and we are looking at ways we can effectivly promote the technology sector and bring like minded business professional together. We want to see the region succeed and foster new growth.

Also at Tech East it seems that the crazies are out. At least 3 – 5 times a week I receive random emails from people that think they are anonymous stating issues at the company they work for, problems with a person in the IT or related industry and the top one that I really love are the people that send me emails calling me names because they don’t like the news releases. I had a guy last week email me and call me a moron because an old news release from CGI seemed to make its way to the front page. Not sure why I’m a moron for that but the user kindly emailed as an anonymous user (anonymous to a point, I can see and trace IP Addresses if needed).

I really should start a Tech East Blog, one which I can provide updates, planned changes and allow users to interact.

On the Road

In 2 weeks I set off to Scotland to work and develop my business further. This should be an excellent trip filled with fun and hard work. In this business if you don’t get results you don’t have a business. Obviously I’m doing something right.

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