User Feedback, Fact or Fiction?

I have been giving this topic some thought lately and wonder what value can be associated with user feedback on websites, blogs etc? While feedback is valuable to a business, their growth and ensuring a level of customer service. One problem, An issue that will always be present and that is essentially trolls. Trolls being people who mindlessly fill a blog, website with unexplainable dribble whilst hiding behind a fake persona.

As most know I have these issues on my blog and frankly don’t value the opinion of those that choose to hide and why should I? Realistically these trolls offer no valid opinion or value to the other users on the blog.

Why do people choose to hide behind these personas, do they not value their own opinion or are they afraid that what they say will get them ridiculed? I’m really not sure what a trolls mindset is, I’m guessing they are driven by fear, fear that if they express an opinion they will look foolish.

Anyways, just something I was thinking about and am curious on others thoughts (the useful ones). I do log everything on the site, so I am aware of certain things about some of my trolls (most are local).

My 2 cents for the day and I’m sure my trolls will be back for this blog entry. Maybe they can explain why they hide behind the fake personas?


  1. As I write this using an alias (for a number of reasons), I’d like to think I can still provide honest feedback and comments on sites. However, I do agree that there are people out there who hide behind an alias (or anonymity) simply to behave in a malicious manner. Having worked in customer service and public relations for a number of years, I’ve seen this behaviour manifest itself in other ways. Some people feel that they can be rude on the phone because of the relative anonymity. Likewise on online forums. I think some people are just mean, unhappy people who get their kicks out of bullying people or getting them worked up (usually over inane comments). And I think the worst thing you can do to a troll is ignore it. Or hire a goat.

  2. There is one key difference with your Alias and one that kind of validates you as a commenter, a link to a valid website. I have faith that your not hiding etc.

    As for the troll, its kind of hard to ignore. He/she does provide me with entertainment and well who doesn’t love a joke.

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