The Evolution of the Backbone

So for the last week or so I have been getting some interesting feedback by two nameless people on the Herald website (S2K and LimitBreaker) and seriously I have to say that while I enjoy the feedback, these two are clueless and totally missing the plot.

They complain consistently, yet have no desire to get involved and try to change anything. So I must say congrats way to give up.

Seriously people, do you think if you just sit and whine about something it is going to affect positive change? No, it won’t it will remain the same.

I invite S2K and LimitBreaker to now continue the discussion here if they can come out of their basements, see the light and become constructive. Alternatively they can come by my office, cause unlike them I am trying to do something constructive and worthwhile.


  1. What’s the link for the Herald website where all this feedback is posted? Were both of them just posting specifically at you? That makes no sense that the Herald site would be used for that.

  2. Never mind, i found the link.

    only S2k really was giving you “feedback”. other guy made just two posts, and one was about Keane jobs and didn’t even mention you. The other was a slam, sure, but not feedback, and he wasn’t replying to your posts with consistent complaints.

    it’s fun reading, but I think you’re overstating the flame war by lumping the ugly in with the bad.

  3. I had just lumped both into the same category and yes they are both different.

    I personally would like to meet with both of them, get them involved and hear their thoughts on what they’d like to see happen.

    They can make faceless comments all day and criticize me all they want, but their inability to act or do anything will hold the industry back.

    What would they like to see? Actually what would the industry like to see? Comment here or email me.

  4. Does anyone know S2K? If so I’d like to meet with him/her to hear what they think should be done…. Coffee maybe? Contact me.

  5. still trying to understand your call out of the limitbreaker person and why you say they are missing a plot when the article was all about keane and immigration to fill job openings – there was no plot.

    so s/he deconstructs Keane’s job postings and then slams you for some reason. neither post was in reply to you directly. you call them out saying s/he is complaining “consistently”. neither person has said they are even in tech. do you two have a history you’re not sharing here?

    i didn’t see any real complaints there, just someone who can google trolling on the web presence of you and keane. you have no basis to form an opinion one way or another on what s/he does based off two posts, neither of which were full of complaints.

  6. At some point the conversation moved from Keane and really has nothing to do with them. A conversation that should have been discussed elsewhere.

    It started with me suggesting that if people want change they need to get involved and not complain. From there it has basically spiraled out of control and unrelated.

    No history that I am aware of as they will not reveal their identity.

    I bunched the two of them together and obviously I should have separated my comments for each. Limit slammed me based on nothing and is obviously just trying to spark something further.

  7. well, for it to be so personal, i’d say maybe you crossed paths before. i assume you’re taking it pretty personally too if you’re publicly calling them out and trying to find out who they are by asking people to rat out their real names.

  8. I know they read my blog and if they have an idea that they would like to share I’m open to hearing it. Maybe through this channel the person will contact me. I don’t care to out them, I just want to know what they think should be done. It might be a great idea!

    I’m open to all suggestions, just need to implement one that will work.

  9. Nope, never really expected to. Could be someone I already know, but I’ll probably never find out.

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