Social Media, Strategy, Cats and Dogs ….

Back in London (the UK for those that were not aware) and have been going full on 16+ hours a day since taking on the CMO role at a fantastic start up ( From meeting and socializing with Google in Dublin Ireland to meeting with some of the largest portals in the world, this role is a continuous challenge and one that I am enjoying.

In an extremely competitive environment, marketing pet care products and differentiating yourself is a bit of a challenge. That being said I am preparing to unveil some amazing partnerships I have been working on, that will effectively take this company to a whole new level. Keep an eye on the MedicAnimal site for things to come.

UI, PPC, Strategy, Partnerships and more … All in a days work and lately my days keep getting longer. If you happen to know a Internet Marketing Ninja let me know, the person should be based in London and needs to be a thinker and a doer (not just a doer).

So enough on that… No one wants to hear about Frontline, Hills Dog Food or Hamburger shaped beds (yes a Hamburger shaped bed).

In the six weeks that I have been here in London, living and working … I have been re energized. The business climate, the people and the lifestyle have caused me great enjoyment. The only problem … My wife is in Canada and I will not see her until I head back to Canada in December for Christmas. Short term issues that have to be dealt with I guess.

Oh and back to what I had originally titled the blog post “Social Media, Strategy, Cats and Dogs ….”. Actually when I originally thought of the title I didn’t take into consideration that I would become so easily distracted and stray from the original. This blog post has now turned into a Business/Random Rambling blog post. Guess I’ll have to do a Part 2 and actually focus on the subject … Till next time, which will be soon, a Social Media post!

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