Social Media and its oddities?

Social media has become the communications channel of choice for many people and companies, the medium to criticize while hiding a users true identity, a source for business opportunities and new friendships. I have had the pleasure of experiencing all facets of social media, from new friendships to the bizarre digital stalkers (the oddities). Social media gives users a voice when they didn’t have one, creates successes (commercial, personal and charitable) and keeps users informed (sometimes faster than the media).

Who uses it, how have they succeed and what does it take. Questions I frequently encounter when helping companies sort out their social media presence. From Dell to Twestival users/companies are utilizing social media with great success. Whether its Dell doing $3 million in sales or Twestival harnessing a global audience and generating awareness and funds the charity Concern, the opportunities are endless. The investment; Patience, a little hard work and time, combined with measurable and achievable goals.

Now where are organizations falling short? Of its many uses, I have seen companies seeking instant gratification, immediate results and give up due to impatience. Social media presences fail due to the fear factor, lack of control or overall understanding. Some charge into the fray expecting unachievable results, something immediate and when this fails to materialize, they abandon Social Media as a relevant marketing channel. They fail to realize that they have to participate, build trust and invest to get a ROI.

At the end of the day Social Media will continue to evolve and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

To be continued …

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