Small business and Social Media, Get Going already!

Small businesses may find better success with Social Media marketing than many traditional tactics. Primarily because they are better able to build close relationships and engage in a conversation that will win them increased loyalty and help secure ongoing cash flow. But how to engage?

As any small business owner or senior manager will tell you “we don’t have the resources!” While this may seem true, it’s quite the opposite. A small business has a sales team and likely an administrator or two in the office, perhaps a small marketing team. A small business up to 100 people has even more resources at hand. It’s just giving them the right tools, finding out which Social Media channels to implement and listening before engaging.

Social Media tools are a far lower investment than print advertising, billboards, radio ads and TV ads. The major investment is the initial time, but the results will pay off in more loyal and engaged customers and can often lead to insights that help the business grow and innovate. The cost of entry is far lower than many Web projects and faster. Minimal technical skills are required.

Even if the business thinks their customers aren’t there, they’ll likely be surprised. Chances are that their customers and prospects are online, they just may not be hanging out where your looking. The key then is to engage them and bring them in to your channels. Once there, you can garner their attention and add a whole new level of service over time. Building an effective strategy doesn’t take long, but can pay off in spades.

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