SEO Myths

After reading blog posts, comments and getting feedback on some SEO hacks I decided to run through a few SEO myths that seem to be popular.

It’s all about meta tags – In the 1990’s, search engines used meta tags to rank Web sites. Because site developers began to manipulate the system by loading misleading keywords or by “keyword stuffing,” Some search engines now discount or ignore them due to their irrelevant nature.
Hiding text will improve my rankings – Invisible keyword-rich text in page code is old news to search-engine spiders. Today, hidden text might prompt search engines to remove the site from their systems. Could be one of many ways to get no results!

Multiple domains will do the trick – This is a time-consuming and expensive strategy and since search engines easily detect mirrored sites, each domain must be uniquely created. Better ROI comes from putting all the effort into a single, well-optimized site.

I need to submit to 1,500 search engines! – Not so: five search engines bring in 99 percent of the traffic. Advertisers can safely ignore the rest.

We can do SEO in-house – This one is tempting for businesses that underestimate the complexity of the task. Executives should consider whether their candidate will have the time, focus and on-going networking and training opportunities to be effective.

All SEO firms are the same. – If that were true, high rankings would be a matter of luck. But SEO is a chess game, not a lottery. Beware of firms that promise the world and guarantee results. Top firms are committed to painstaking research, hard work and continuous training. Guarantees are false promises to win your business.

    Thats some of the ones that I can think of and I’m pretty sure that the number of Myths exceeds 50 at least. Most myths are caused by SEO hacks and businesses that do not understand the process and requirements for good SEO.

    If you know some more SEO Myths add them below. Hiring an SEO Professional do your research and don’t get excited cause they say they can deliver results, check out what they have done and even how they rank themselves.


    1. I’m a copywriter for B2B and industrial clients. What do I need to know/do for SEO for my clients. I/ve read so much conficting stuff my head is spinning. Is there somewhere you can send me to learn more. Thanks so much.


    2. There are a lot of resources on the web and it can be confusing.

      There is an SEO 101 video done on ZDnet and it has gotten good reviews. It is located at

      Some other articles that could be useful are:

    3. I’d say 2 other big ones would be:

      – SEO is a one-time thing, it’s not SEO can be a life-time process to always stay up with the competition.

      – Duplicating your content, this is a bad idea. Same result as hidden keywords – could result in removal from search engines.

    4. Another add-on to your list:
      – Submitting all the pages of your website as landing pages to search engines. – Flooding Search Engines with all your website’s pages will kill the relevance of your homepage (or top landing page). Selecting landing pages should be thought through and most of all be relevant so it won’t dilute your homepage (or top landing page)organic ranking.

      Another resource website: (tips, tutorials, free tools)

      I have a question regarding Google SEO:
      – having live AdWords campaigns boosts your Google Organic ranking, myth or reality?


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