SEO and Guarantees

Well today I had a company phone me and ask me about SEO and what Guarantees I offer cause some other company in Halifax had Guaranteed their service. I told the person I have no Guarantees for my SEO work and anyone offering such should be carefully reviewed before you sign on.

Guarantees are virtually impossible in SEO work and the companies that offer these know this. An SEO consultant has no control over what Google and the other search engines do therefore guarantees are impossible. If I were a publisher of a magazine I could guarantee you you would be on a certain page. As an SEO consultant I can’t guarantee that you will be number one. I guess there are exceptions to this….

One would be pay per click advertising. If you have the money you can be number one.
The other and this is where most SEO firms cover their asses is they guarantee you a number one spot for a keyword that gets no traffic, has no competition and does you no good. I’ve seen a local firm doing this alot lately.

Well back to work. If you have SEO questions let me know.


  1. Congrats Limitbreaker, It only took you 10 months to think of that. Would you like to add anything else utterly useless?

    SEO is a useful marketing component to anyones business and will continue to evolve further.

    Now, given your comment I would say you didn’t read the blog post.

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