SEO and Content, Don’t over do it. You could lose!

If your objective is to build a successful web site then remember that content is important, very important. Without content no one will stay on your site long enough for them to find out what your all about. Building a web site based on your passions, business, or anything really is what will give you the enthusiasm to write excellent content for your web site.

Quite a few web developers, business owners lose their focus, and start worrying about search engine optimization, they lose track and while SEO is important your content needs to sell the business, service and get the message across.  Write good content that is effective for SEO and also gets the message out accurately and effectivly . That’s enough to let the search engines know what your site, and it pages are about. There are a thousand other criteria that search engines take into account that go far beyond what is written on the page.

Content plays an important role in SEO and one factor among many is how long a person stays on your site after they have clicked on it from the search engine results page. If it takes someone ten minutes to go back to the search engine to look for another site the search engine will know about it. This is one area where your content plays a role over a site built purely to please a search engine with it’s optimised pages (sometimes optimized pages are quite confusing and in the end no good to the reader). When someone clicks on a site that is search engine optimised to the point that it doesn’t make any sense then that visitor is going to click the back button instantly to look for another site. It will be a site like yours that will offer them the content that they were looking for.

Search engine optimisers spend hours, and sometimes days perfecting a page for the search engine’s algorithms for that month only to see it drop again when the algorithm changes the next month. The pages with content that web surfers like to read are the ones that are continually at the top of the search engine results pages. Your pages can get found for hundreds of different word combinations. Why bother optimising them for one phrase? People that do this are on a never ending chase, and losing out on thousands of potential visitors to their site every month.

Not only will your content rich web site keep your visitors attention but it will also lead them to the goal of your web site. This could be a lead, or it could be a sale. Your content will draw them in. When they see you’re an expert they will see your advice or recommendations with a more open mind to make the purchase or leave their contact details.

Building a web site goes far beyond that number one place in the search engine results. It has a far better purpose, and that’s to get visitors interested, and keep them interested.

Remember, Content needs to be accurate and effective to get the readers attention and to close the deal. If it doesn’t make sense then you will lose. All the SEO in the world can’t help you if the content on your website is terrible.

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