Mediabadger, cyber safety and other nonsense.

I frequently get asked what happened to Mediabadger, where did it all go wrong? What happened between you and Giles, you were friends. This will help … somewhat. I think.

The whole situation is complicated. For years we trusted in a co-founder and a friend, a trust we later discovered was misplaced. The coles notes version. Giles helped himself to roughly $150k of company funds without the knowledge of the other founders/partners. He was paid like the others and then on top of that helped himself. He used the company coffers freely as if it were his own piggy bank. While other partners reinvested and took minimal resources out of the company, Giles was stripping it and setting it up for failure.

How did we get here, how did we find out … We changed banks at the request of an investor and at that point Giles lost his bank card privileges and couldn’t freely spend any more and it was at this point that he got desperate, angry and as I later discovered, creative.

After Giles lost free access to spend and management of the finances were moved, we discovered that bookkeeping wasn’t done, taxes and gov’t filings were past due and bills weren’t being paid. With the help of experts, we unravelled the mess Giles had created and he was tasked to explain himself and he didn’t have an explanation, he couldn’t challenge the outside professionals that confirmed what he was doing.

It was at this point that Giles got angry, stormed out and begun to put a carefully crafted plan into play, he decided he would beat or silence any allegations of fraud or misappropriation and eventually say he was cyberbullied (something the Halifax Police called BS on), this an exceptional misdirect that took months of preparation as Giles was never cyberbullied, he was challenged and tasked with explaining why he helped himself to $150k. Cyberbullying was an easy exit for him.

While everything is done for now. We still have questions and we will get answers some day. This whole thing has been expensive and I expect it to cost even more. Everything, for the most part, is public and we all know the rest of this story. For another post clickhere.

In other news. We continue to discover … articles on that have some creative freedoms and aren’t entirely true, stories that bend reality, profiles and experience that baffle and we’ve spoken with clients, many issues exist and hopefully one day the conman will fall.

Want more info? We have binders of emails, documents, bank statements, audio recordings and more. All available for review, some of it is likely publicly available with the Nova Scotia Courts.

But for now we wait. This is an evolving story, one I hope ends with a conman falling from grace.

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