Interesting Read and the desire for further competition

Like any normal day I read the Technology section of the Globe and Mail (one of many things I read) to try and stay on top of the ever changing technology landscape in Canada and in this mornings issue I notice “Virgin USA introduces unlimited calling”. This isn’t just any unlimited calling, it’s national and it is only $79 a month. So as I sit here thinking further about this great offer available to the US consumers I realize that our Canadian system is so far behind. When will the likes of Bell/Aliant, Telus and Rogers get with it and start competing for Canadians business (collusion comes to mind).

It will be nice when the new mobile companies get up and running here in Canada and hopefully make the mobile market somewhat competitive. Eventually North America as a whole will catch up to the current state of Europe, but by the time that happens we will be a decade behind them again.

On another note, I was also reading the “Google to count clicks” and wondering about the implications to businesses. At first glance this looks like it could be a helpful service, however at the same time the increased collection and use of data by Google could possibly cause higher advertising costs to businesses. I have to agree with some people and the concerns they are voicing. Tom Cuthbert said “ Watching Google Analytics, inviting advertisers to give them conversion data to “Optimize” (meaning increase) bid prices, sharing is risky”.

And last but not least… The power of Social Networks on business and more. Just reading “Visa, Facebook swing ad deal”. Slowly more companies are recognizing the value of social media and it will continue to grow as more recognized brands jump on board. This Visa deal on face book will offer “Visa is giving a $100 advertising credit on Facebook to each of the first 20,000 U.S. businesses that download the Web application needed to join the network, which debuts Tuesday. About 80,000 small businesses already have profiles on Facebook.”

I’ll have to follow this and see if this program expands outside of the US.

Anyways thats all for my random ramblings for today.

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