Great PPC Ad Tips

PPC tips, these are useful but they are targeted to a specific type of seller and product. If your trying to move a mass produced product these tips probably are not for you.

Now onto the good stuff (I think it’s good anyways).

Are you on a constant lookout for great PPC advertising tips? PPC marketing can be effective as an advertising tool if done right. Marketers often use PPC marketing in a wrong way which results in financial losses and huge disappointments. I am going to pick up some useful PPC advertising tips that should help your ROI.

PPC advertising tip No. 1 is not to use pay per click to sell products. Rather, use it to acquire qualified leads. Since it is an expensive way to advertise in most cases, it seems more logical and effective to use it for lead generation. In this way, you can follow up closely with your prospects and expose your product as many times as you wish to the prospect until the deal is closed.

We are going to talk about No.2 of our PPC advertising tips, the squeeze page. This squeeze page will be the front for collecting leads. Bear in mind that majority of successful affiliates make use of pay per click campaigns in such manner. This allows them to build a list of qualified leads that they can resell over and over again. This is also why they can afford to pay $1 or 2 just for one click. Never send the traffic directly to an affiliate link as the visitor who clicks away is lost forever.

Number.3 of my PPC advertising tips here – using content to presell your prospects. The sales page may not be convincing enough to close the deal for you. This is why we need to know the psychic of the prospect in order to direct our PPC traffic to the correct place – the presell page.

Most people do not buy on the first time they see a product. They may be looking for good information that could help to solve their problems. They need answers to their problems and if you can provide that in your presell page, by the time they finish reading, they would be convinced and persuaded to buy your product – the solution.

Another PPC advertising tip my No. 4 tip, is to offer choices on your presell page. Perhaps include a review of the top few products in the market. Of course, these products would be affiliate products which contain your links. People love to compare the things they intend to buy to get the best deal. Since this is how your customers think, offer that to them on a platter and you are almost done with closing the deal.

By the time they click through to your product sales page, they would be warmed up enough to purchase your product through your affiliate link.

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