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A blog post that is a work in progress. Thoughts, Ramblings and Opinions on Googles Buzz. What are your thoughts and who will be next to enter the social fray?I had asked the question a few days ago “Google Buzz will it go anywhere” and thinking about it now, I think it will.

The Google Buzz has definitely created a buzz, and is acclaimed to be one of the smart moves by Google. Buzz is not a competitor to Twitter, Facebook or other social platforms, but rather a gateway, something to aggregate your social existence in one space and further share with the web.

Giving this some more thought, how many companies will start to take into consideration the business side of things, there’s more to it – Google Buzz and the inclusion into search results as Twitter is, can greatly affect ones presence on the net and how we do business. Google is the source for info, phone numbers, feedback, reviews etc … Buzz is going to add to the pile, further generate more info for people to take into consideration when determining a purchase or decision and affect or influence customers further.

Basically upon performing a search for businesses in Google Maps, you can find the “Buzz about this place” option. Now, this turns out to be more or less like a Facebook community or Twitter group for the specific business, as you have the choice to Buzz about a business you like or the one you don’t. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Buzz has the ability to be seen by more people, the conversations are public and distributed by the most popular site on the net.

So, Google Buzz polls about a business will turn out to be much more than a review? Well, sure thing, you’ll enjoy the positive buzz about your business and increase in the business (if you’re lucky enough to get only positive Buzz). On the contrary, if you get lot of negative Buzz about your business or a particular product, you’ll have to essentially interact with the ‘dissatisfied customers’ and help them in resolving their issues as with any social channel.

Well then, it looks like Google is all set to pull more to the party, to participate in Social Media activities and engage them to keeping talking with the new Google Buzz! If you’re not too happy with the Buzz, then you can opt out (This option is based in the footer on Gmail). While I wouldn’t encourage opting out, if you are going to I would suggest you monitor it.

Prepare for the challenge and see how Buzz morphs over the coming months, where it appears and how it is used. The social web is growing, channels are appearing daily and the conversation will continue. Take part and enjoy.


  1. I opted out… I honestly just don’t have the time to manage single corporations social network.

    Why would I want to give reviews about other peoples business?

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