Clone needed or maybe the ability to avoid sleep ….

All right… It’s time to upgrade my tired and dated website and my blog design. I have hammered out the new branding for my personal consulting (which for the most part will go to my business, Intevix).

So over the next few days you will see this site go through some changes.

What else is up; Well I’m in the office plugging away trying to get caught up from a few buzy months. Lets see what I’ve been up to:

  • MediaBadger Development, PR and all that neat stuff!
  • TechEast Management (someones gotta keep the site running)
  • Intevix Consulting and moving into a new office
  • Planning and Organizing the TechOpen conference

Busy busy busy, but its all good! Can’t wait to go on vacation in the fall, 2 weeks in Italy and France.

Hopefully next week I’ll return to blogging about the interweb, things that piss me off and general non sense. Enjoy the weekend!

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