Best described as a pile of everything!

Jun. 18, 2008 by

Things have been damn busy lately. The launch of RevTXT coming this month and MediaBadger in July (by the way we are looking for beta testers for MediaBadger). Took a

A time for change?

May. 28, 2008 by

Thinking about my earlier post… I was wondering – how does one create positive change? Get people thinking and participating? There’s that old saying “you’re either part of the problem

Welcome to Nova Scotia, Stay out of my way ….

May. 25, 2008 by

Ever look around and suffer from unexplainable frustration at the current business climate? If you look at the greater picture businesses here tend to stifle their own growth through infighting

So much to do ….

May. 6, 2008 by

So much to do and so little time and the blog is beginning to suffer from the lack of time. Currently I have 2 blog entries in the works primarily

Nova Scotia, The Labour Shortage and my Frustrations

Mar. 29, 2008 by

Recently I was approached about a job with a company in Nova Scotia and throughout the process I realized one area (of many) that is the cause of our labor