Are you using Internet Marketing for your business?

Internet Marketing, the ever popular service for expanding your companies reach. Also becoming more popular as a service offering with more companies hopping on the bandwagon daily.

Recently I was retained by a firm in Prague to help them select a local search engine or internet marketing professional and one of their first observations and questions to me was; How about we select one of the internet marketing firms listed in the ads.

Seriously people, select an SEO provider that places ads to get their business…. Are you kidding me? The most obvious observation is that the SEO firm or professional must suck. Rather harsh I know, but if your looking to hire someone to get your business to the top of Google or another search engine Do you really want to hire the guy that had to pay to get himself up there with an advertisement? No, you don’t cause obviously they can’t even compete in their own industry so what makes you think they can perform in others.

Anyways, we immediately discounted and excluded 8 SEO providers due to their inability to actually do any SEO on their own website and eventually found a professional organization who met the requirements. Requirements being a good reputation with their clients and the ability to SEO their own website.

I’m not totally opposed to ads, they can compliment the SEO efforts of a professional organization if done right. However if the SEO pro your looking at can’t get their own site ranked then I’d find someone who could.

Thats all for now on this topic. Something quick that was bugging me while I worked on my next post. The next post you ask? Well later this week I’ll focus on the numbers… I ran a poll with TechEast on the IT industry in Nova Scotia and I must say the numbers are terrible. Stay tuned for the post and hopefully some constructive feedback.

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