Are You Making Full Use of SEO?

If you start a new online business, be it an online store, an interactive website or just a simple personal blog, you’re never going to make it big in the world of internet without making use of some serious SEO.

So long as you keep trying things randomly, you’re not going to get any results for your hard work. However, with a proper strategy and decent investment on building, optimizing and marketing your online venture, you can expect very high returns. You can realize the true power of SEO only once you successfully market your website, optimize it in all the aspects and generate some stable income through it.

Remember, you need not sell anything to make good money through your website. By putting on informative original information on even your personal blog, you can drive a lot of traffic. Over time, you can start building in-bound links from various popular sites and do some link building to increase the popularity, search ranking and page rank of your website/blog.

Once your site becomes highly popular, you can generate even higher revenues by selling the precious one-way reciprocal links to your web pages with high page rank and traffic.

How to Get Started?

All this sounds simply fascinating, but you need to put in a whole lot of efforts before you reach that point wherein you can generate stable income with your website. To start off, you should try to optimize the on-page elements of your website, including the title, meta, <h2>, <h3>, alt, image title and most importantly the anchor tags and the body content.

By maintaining good keyword density in web page content and inter-linking your pages using anchor texts as the targeted keywords of your concern, you can significantly improve the search rankings of your website.

Link Building: Stay Away from Black-hat SEO tactics

Next, you should try to generate some high quality in-bound links and improving the page rank of your website.

Remember, you must never adopt blackhat SEO tactics, no matter how effective and tempting they may promise to be. Sure thing, you can even boost up the page rank of your site to 3 or 4 right away, but things aren’t going to be too pretty after a while.

Avoid building links from link-farms! It is fine if somebody links to your website from a link-farm but if you also link to a link-farm the search rankings of your website may be hampered to a good extent.

More so, if Google or any major search engine makes out that majority of your links are coming from link farms and irrelevant sites, and the content of your web pages isn’t worthy enough to drive enough traffic, they may even DROP OFF your site from their search results. That’s right, all your hard work may go in vain, with just a small mistake. This is precisely why most experts advise to stay away from Black-hat SEO tactics and stay clear of any kind of problems.

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