And I’m back!

It has been a while since I last posted to my blog, December 19th to be exact and I have been flat out since then (hence the lack of blog postings).

New projects, events, tonnes of meetings and more … It never stops!

In my lasy blog post “Yes its true, I don’t hate Nova Scotia”, One of my readers (Davin Greenwell) had stated “This is good coverage of what you *don’t* like. Perhaps you could share with us what you *do* like?”.

Well it is true I don’t hate Nova Scotia, I disagree with the business climate, some government officials and a few crazies that reside in the province. Now that being said I do like Nova Scotia, some leading and innovative business people and the general atmosphere. Nova Scotia is a great place to live, however that being said it is also a tough place to work. Yes I can find a negative in quite a few things here and I’m sure my nut job stalker will have a comment or two around this.

Lets look at businesses that are doing great things, like HB Studios, Nicom IT, Ocean Nutrition, MedMira, OptioPublishing, Azorus, Coemergence and GenieKnows just to name a few. Great companies in Nova Scotia innovating and doing great work. Lets look at some business people who are getting business done and making a difference. Some examples; Robert Orr, Allan Shaw, David Gough, Hermes Chan and many more. I respect these people and their businesses. They are just some of the reasons I choose to live and do business here in Nova Scotia.

What else do I like about Nova Scotia, the golf, skiing, and the environment. For the most part I can work from Nova Scotia and play here. While there are a number of patsies in this province there are a few that keep me motivated, that strike out on their own and succeed.

If anything Nova Scotia drives me to succeed and I like it. Without challenges life would be boring and Nova Scotia presents numerous challenges everyday, driving me to innovate and increasing my desire for further success.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Finalizing the plans for the Feb 12 Twestival and some travel. Stay tuned for more details on the Twestival at


  1. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for the reply, in the form of a blog post no less. With this I have learned a little bit more about the business climate in Nova Scotia and some names to look out for. On the west coast we do not get a lot of news about the east coast – or at least if we do, it is very superficial news and we don’t really get a feel for the actual working environment there. It is refreshing to hear a perspective from the inside, so thanks for sharing!


  2. Hey great list!

    Although it may not be business related directly, another aspect of Nova Scotia life I really like is the role food plays in socializing.

    We love to get together in this province, perhaps because of the tough climate, and food takes such a centerpiece. I’ve found it interesting how much international flavours have come to be a part of get-togethers as well and all the great ethnic food you can get here now.

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