A time for change?

Thinking about my earlier post… I was wondering – how does one create positive change? Get people thinking and participating? There’s that old saying “you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution” thing. How do you bring an honest effort to an industry tearing itself apart from apathy and lack of involvement? Novel idea? I dunno.. I got really positive feedback from that last entry – phone calls, emails, Twitters and posts (You know the one “Welcome to Nova Scotia, Stay out of my way ….“).

Coming up on June 19th ITANS is holding its AGM and I think fresh leadership with the ability to think outside the box could really do some good for the industry. I have discussed this with my peers, people I respect and some local business owners and I am interested in getting involved at ITANS. I have emailed their CEO and Admin asking for a copy of ITANS By Laws and Constitution (I also submitted a membership application form).

So maybe I should be part of the solution, maybe others will step up too and play a part. Maybe its time for change not just in ITANS but in a lot of what happens in business and such in this province?

All said, I now get to wait and see if my membership is accepted and if they send me the copy of ITANS By Laws and Constitution. Need all this great stuff to move ahead.

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