Welcome to part of my digital footprint, a work in progress and one that is undergoing some changes. Over the coming weeks I will be working on my website as time permits, so please bear with the mess.

If you are wondering what I do, I can be found working with fantastic clients from major brands to start-ups and even design/ad agencies throughout North America and EMEA primarily in the areas of operations and technology.

What is it I do for my clients:

  • Risk and Intelligence  (Helping companies make better decisions utilising OSINT).
  • Operational and technical business consulting (this is broad and covers a number of areas. I have worked with some clients around day to day finance, what software to use, software development, marketing, analytics and planning to name a few).

Recent clients vary from multi-national corporations to start-up companies and governments. From Halifax Nova Scotia to Nice France and beyond. I work with my clientele globally and am willing to travel.